Unique Products

For the first time in the world, it is the only company that uses a patented BORKEN Complex 124 formula specially developed for each product and more than 50 very valuable ingredients.

Unique Earnings Plan

It is the only company in the world with a unique earnings plan that synthesizes the Unilevel system with Binary logic.

Unique Award-Winning Founders

It is the only company established with experienced and expert founders who have developed ambitious products in direct sales and production sector worldwide.


In the light of technology and Science, with our unique products prepared with formulas like no other in the world,
For the first time, we want to touch your life with the "registration Premium" and unique earnings given to experts.
By combining the concept of family with ethical values, we aim to reach peace and happiness and reach the future safely.

Medirevo Nutrition-Nutrition Support

Nutrition series capsules give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs in liquid, powder and fat form with BORKEN Complex 124.

Medirevo Care-Beauty And Care

The CARE Series offers you skin, body, hair, oral care products and unique oils for men and women with BORKEN Complex 124.

Medirevo Clean-House

CLEAN Series, home products for dishes, laundry, bathroom and surface cleaning provide the cleaning you are looking for with superior performance. The unique BORKEN Complex 124 not only provides high-performance cleaning, but also contains natural raw materials that are sensitive to the environment.

Products Like No Other In The World

With Spectacular Results

In preparing our unique products, we organize based on high quality, high yield and high gain and support the field organizations of our team leaders with trainings.
Products-rare products made with BORKEN Complex 124 only in Medirevo
Lucrative system - the only system in the world with a unique escape plan that synthesizes the Unilever system with Binary logic
Fast service-fast product shipments, complete support
Global-you can create a team abroad, track your turnover in one panel


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