Direct selling is a marketing technique in which products or services are offered directly to consumers. Direct sale is the direct sale of a consumer product or service to the consumer at home, at the home of an acquaintance, at work, or elsewhere belonging to the seller, through the seller's description and/or demonstration.
Direct selling is a way to deliver high-quality products to customers by establishing a personal relationship. You know you want to use the products you love, from people you trust, allows to obtain a constant know when you want to buy the products is due to arrive directly to your home, and you can't bother to transport the product, and also you cannot bear any costs for the product to your door. Your time gain is also a distinct advantage.
Another feature of direct sales is the roles that independent sellers take on in the distribution of products and services. Although each firm names independent vendors with a different name, the task they undertake is the same. For example; member, direct seller, freelance entrepreneur, freelance consultant, representative, etc. names are widely used by firms.
In fact, any product or service can be sold by using this marketing technique, although through direct sales, usually personal care, home care products, food supplements, kitchen utensils, and various household products such as supplies are sold. Both in Turkey and in the world, there has been a large increase in the variety and number of products sold using this marketing technique in recent years. In this regard, the sector is growing day by day due to the advantage it provides.
How Does The Direct Sales System Work?
Direct sales management can be accomplished in many different ways. Sellers can promote the product by presenting it to a group of consumers in any social environment. This social environment can sometimes be the home of the person or a neighbor, and sometimes it can be a business environment. This method qualifies as a party plan. Another method is one-on-one sales. Independent sellers make presentations by explaining the product one-on-one to consumers who visit their homes or workplaces on a predetermined day and time. Another method is to perform the sale by giving printed materials such as catalogues to the customer. In this form of sales, independent sellers provide their customers with catalogs of products or services, and customers choose products that are attractive to them from a wide range of products and communicate their demands to the independent seller.Juliette: Then, the products reported to the independent seller are delivered to the customer's door and the sale takes place.
What Are The Benefits Of Direct Selling?
The direct sales system offers significant opportunities and benefits for both consumers and entrepreneurs. First, direct sales means flexible working opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is a job opportunity that you can do in your increased time, where you can provide October income for yourself. Another important advantage is that it does not require any capital for the seller. In Normal circumstances, when you want to start a business, you have to deal with a number of procedures, rent a venue and bear different costs with it. None of this is in question in direct sales. All you have to do is deliver the product correctly to the customer.
For people who want to contribute to the household budget or whose condition is not suitable for full-time work, the ‘direct October system’ offers additional sources of income. There are no investment costs in this system. The entrepreneur, who initially buys the products he plans to sell at a reduced price, sells these products either part-time or full-time. All direct sales companies support their independent sellers in inventory management and try to ensure that they work with zero inventory if possible.
Entrepreneurs, diploma, education level, military status, graduate school, grade point average sales system that does not ask questions such as companies in their current locations to individuals, regardless of their status, show the characteristics of their leadership, and permit to launch their own businesses is a great opportunity for independent training supported with a lot of different vendors, those who are successful in their work with the awards that they can't get personal with the amenities are appreciated.
Consumers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to reach quality products at more affordable prices, unlike normal merchandising. Because the product is presented to them face-to-face, its features are described in practice, it provides a more intimate and safer shopping opportunity. In addition, the product is delivered to the addresses of people and many companies provide customer satisfaction guarantees for quality branded products longer than those stipulated in the law.
How Does It Differ From Other Sales Models?
The direct sales system offers products and services to consumers as in other sales channels. The main difference is that it can meet the customer and seller using a very different channel. There are similarities between retail sales and direct sales, as well as differences.Dec. Retail sales companies sell with the sales of their own employees, while direct sales companies do business with the sales force and social circles of independent sellers.
What is the difference between direct selling and door-to-door decal ?
Direct sales business is still a big consumer problem in our country should not be confused with door-to-door sales. People who sell products of direct sales companies sell the promotion of their products by introducing them one-on-one at a time and place where they are agreed in advance with the people and people they will sell. As in the whole world, in our country, all companies that are members of the Direct Sales Association have the opportunity to change their minds and return the goods within periods above the “withdrawal periods”specified by the law in these sales that take place outside the store. During these periods, the customer will have the opportunity to think again and compare the quality and price of the product. This fact makes direct sales the most protected purchase method for the consumer. In addition, by keeping the” opt-out " period longer than required by law, placing moral principles that restrict members, and constantly communicating with consumer associations, the direct sales sector also protects the consumer.
We can list the main differences as follows:
A personal relationship with the customer is developed, the success of the sale depends decisively on the relationship between the independent seller and the customer.
It is not dependent on the relationship between the fixed store and the customer, the sale can take place in decidedly different home, business and social environments.
Independent sellers are encouraged to form their own sales teams (sub-teams) so that the business owner walks with a team to real, achievable, touchable goals.
The independent seller performs a very different function than the sellers in the retail sector, the independent seller also makes marketing plans, organizes promotional activities, manages a budget, manages a team, that is, acts as a real business owner. This also allows the capabilities and potential of the independent seller to be revealed.
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